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Customer Marketing & Advocacy Automation

Impact Advocacy, Upsell and Revenue across the customer lifecycle with a designated customer marketing platform.
Meet The Customer Led Growth Platform 🙂

Trusted by leading companies:

Get powerful visibility into your customer / user journey and maturity model. Leverage AI to analyze advocacy, willingness, and influence.

By asking the right action from the best-fit customer at the right time & place – Crowdvocate can 10x your customer engagement and collaboration. 

Generate hundreds of customer stories, reviews, referrals, and references. Systemize VoC, feedback, social amplification, and satisfaction. Make upsell and expansion programmatic.

Crowdvocate AI knows exactly how to motivate your customers.  

“The best thing about Crowdvocate automation is that with minimal effort, roughly 1 hour a week, we can achieve our advocacy goals, while the system streamlines all the processes and outreach for us. The Crowdvocate team is very quick to respond to any question or issue we have along the way.”

Maria Spanicciati
Content & Advocacy Manager

Crowdvocate main use cases

For each customer marketing goal, we have the right action.

Customer Evidence

Educate & Inform

Educate & Inform

Customer Delight

Customer Delight

Upsell & Expansion

Feedback & Survey

Feedback & Survey

Feedback & Survey

Feedback & Survey

Thought Leadership & Social

Leadership & Social

Enrich Customer Data

Enrich Customer



Our Customers Get Results

1 %

Amazing ROI

Over 80 B2B referrals in 11 months, with a whopping 45% closing rate! 


Unmatched Engagement

Over 30,000 views in 5 days – customer engagement at scale better than any other channel.
0 X

Results at Half the Time

Double the reviews gained during 3 years in 4 months, and becoming a category leader!
Understand Engage Grow Generate advocacy within your customer-base, cross-channel and throughout their lifecycle - all in one platform

One source of truth for the whole customer experience ​

One platform to engage all your users and customers

One tool for all VoC and advocacy processes automation

One measure for ROI and attribution

Want to learn more about Crowdvocate's free industry content and professional community?

Crowdvocate has a wealth of free resources for customer marketers – monthly webinars, industry Slack group, industry job board, an expert zone, blogs and guest-blogs from the industry, and more.

The only AI smart journey to advocacy

With customer engagement AI insights, journey mapping, preferences, and sentiment all in one place, you can deliver the most compelling experience across any touch point. This is done throughout the entire lifecycle – to build individual relationships, foster loyalty, and motivate advocacy.

A Customer Marketing Growth Engine

Map users within accounts, score lifecycle activities, engage each user to optimize the LTV of the customer account – and measure it.
Visualize and analyze the correlation between customer engagement and direct revenue / influenced revenue impact.

Reach out to your entire user / customer base, omni-channel and real time

Automate customer messaging and activation across different touch-points in the customer journey. Engage customers where, when and how they prefer.
Utilize a library of pre-built messaging and campaign templates, sequences and activation triggers.

Unparalleled reference &
evidence automation

End to end reference, evidence, UGC, and thought leadership management, including custom workflows, process automation, CRM integration and a smart experience for everyone in
the process.

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