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Welcome to Crowdvocate

Our Vision

We believe that leading B2B brands are Customer driven! Engaging their customer base, listening & improving, leveraging customer market insight and building trust and advocacy. Research backs that.  

Companies that turn their CUSTOMER into PARTNERS create network effects and sustainable growth by leveraging their un-tapped crowd. 

For B2B companies this is a wake-up call to become customer-centric, embrace the opportunity within your customer base, and build a brand with your customers, not for them. Crowdvocate is here to help with best practices and our holistic Customer Marketing platform.

Our Story

Leading a marketing agency and coming from a channel background I felt something is broken in B2B marketing. 95% of marketing spend focused on prospects = demand generation, while the customer base is ignored. That isn’t sustainable I thought .

”Why can’t companies see their customers as their PARTNERS, why can’t marketing generate growth post-sale at scale?” 

In mid-2017 we took on the mission to change that and build the first Customer Led Growth platform! We’re inspired to change B2B marketing for better – for customers.

Our values

Customer First

help customers achieve their goals and experience personal success.

Great enough

make it great enough, and move on to create more.

Collaboration & ownership

work together, own your initiatives, get sh*t done

Humility & honesty

always be learning,
be truthful, and smile

Embrace change

we’re here to make a change,
tech is dynamic - enjoy it!


Gal Biran

Co-Founder & CEO

“I truly believe time has come to re-structure marketing and audience engagement. Think customers and employees first!”

Gal is a savvy cross-industry marketer and customer first advocate. Leveraging his 18 years of B2B sales & marketing experience in global tech companies, he visioned a different way technology can impact B2B brands strength and business growth.

Gal Briner

Co-Founder & CTO

“Technology touches employees and customers daily. I love automating these touch-points for true engagement and a great brand experience.”

Gal is a code enthusiast, designing made-easy advocacy automation. With over 20 years of development experience, combing mobile, enterprise software and gaming, Gal structured Crowdvocate to be used by any team in any industry. A DIY tool to generate advocacy.