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Unleash the power of your crowds.
Turn your customers & employees into brand advocates.

Our Vision

We believe that leading brands are built on trust, on embracing and empowering customers & employees. Companies that create network effects and growth by leveraging their crowd of fans -their brand advocates.

For B2B companies the hyper social and digital environment holds an opportunity. Authenticity is the new currency – if you generate advocacy you fortify the brand.

Transform the interaction with customers, partners and employees

Automate B2B advocacy program management

Empower brand engagement, influencers and advocacy

Put your customers and employees in the spotlight

Our Vision


Gal Biran
Gal Biran Co-Founder & CEO

“I truly believe time has come to re-structure marketing and audience engagement. Think customers and employees first!”

Gal is a savvy cross-industry marketer and customer first advocate. Leveraging his 18 years of B2B sales & marketing experience in global tech companies, he visioned a different way technology can impact B2B brands strength and business growth.

Gal Briner
Gal Briner Co-Founder & CTO

“Technology touches employees and customers daily. I love automating these touch-points for true engagement and a great brand experience.”

Gal is a code enthusiast, designing made-easy advocacy automation. With over 20 years of development experience, combing mobile, enterprise software and gaming, Gal structured Crowdvocate to be used by any team in any industry. A DIY tool to generate advocacy.

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