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Crowdvocate provides all customers guidance and support with our customer success team as part of our standard service. Our team will be happy to help with system operations and best practices.

However, we realize some companies may want an dedicated success manager, or various managed services. For these customers we offer three premium service packages.

Analyze your need


Analyze your need

Whether you don’t have the resources to manage the program from day one, or want dedicated expert help on-call – we’ve got you covered.
We will analyze your need, and recommend 1 of the 3 advocacy-as-a-service programs we provide.


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We offer three advocacy-as-a-service programs:
1. Dedicated advocacy mentor on-call – an advocacy experts assisting you every step of the way.
2. Advocacy partner – your co-pilot, whenever needed our experts take the wheels and do the work for you, and the rest of the time we support and mentor.
3. Outsourced advocacy program administrator and community manager.

Choose your service

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