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CMO’s – It’s Time to Evaluate Your Post-sale Funnel

The Adobe 2019 digital trends report lists customer experience as the top business opportunity of 2020. It comes above video marketing, data-driven marketing, and even content marketing.  Of course, customer experience has always been important. But for you to succeed as a marketing leader, you need to make a shift. Customer
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Empowering Customers to Become Your Best Advocates

We had the chance to chat with Adi Ezer, Customer Internal Marketing Manager at UiPath, and ask her a few
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10 Ways to Reimagine your Digital Customer Experience and Come out of the COVID-19 Crisis Stronger than Ever

We know, it sounds like a contradiction. How can you improve post-sale engagement and customer experience while you’re
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What does marketing have to do with customer success?

“Why should my Customer Success (CS) team think marketing?” is a question I often hear from CS leaders.
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Impact sales in 3 ways you probably didn’t consider

One of the classic questions I get is “how do I measure and show results from customer advocacy”?,
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Turn Your B2B Community & Product Users into Advocates in 4 Easy Steps

Many companies I meet share the same problem – the customer contact in the CRM doesn’t represent the
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When will Marketers Discover Customers?

The modern B2B marketing stack is overloaded with tools and metrics that promise to impact the funnel. However, the
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