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How Customer-led Growth is fueling Community-led Growth

How Customer-led Growth is fueling Community-led Growth

As B2B marketing continues on its path of transformation, one of the interesting discussions we’re having is around the concept of Community. Because, while Community as a means of gathering your customers around a shared goal has always been valued by SaaS leaders, in the CLG movement, Community is becoming all-powerful. Here’s how Customer Marketers relate differently to Community.

The Top Customer Marketing Conferences in 2022

Forrester dubbed 2022 “The Year of the Customer Marketer”—and LinkedIn declared customer marketing one of the top-growing careers of the year. It’s no wonder that with the rise in Customer Marketing comes the introduction of conferences geared specifically toward Customer Marketers.

Driving The First TOP100 Customer Marketing & Advocacy Strategists & Influencers

“For the first time in the Customer Marketing and Advocacy space, we are recognizing the TOP25 Influencers and the TOP100 Strategists that are leading the way, driving visibility and value for our industry and their respective organizations as a whole. With the growth of the digital frontier, there has never been a more pertinent time for the collective efforts of Customer Marketing and Advocacy to be recognized and celebrated.” — Ari Hoffman, Global Director of Customer Advocacy at Crowdvocate.

7 Tips for Running Advocacy on a Small Team

Customer marketers have a lot on their plates: Keeping customers educated, informed and engaged through content and programs like newsletters, product roadmap webinars, launches and