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B2B Reviews: Strategy Considerations and Tracking

November 11th, 10am PT / 1pm ET

There is huge value in having a strong presence on B2B review sites so make sure you’re not missing out on the potential to impress your prospects and close more deals! Tune in to hear from the pro’s and ensure that your review strategy is on its’ A game.

Reference Management Best Practices, Challenges & Pro Tips

Whether you’re just launching your reference program, are in the process of scaling the team and activities, or have a matured program – this session is value packed!

The Role of B2B Communities in Customer Engagement & Advocacy

B2B Communities are not only an integral part of creating value for your customers but are also a goldmine for advocacy and engagement. Make sure you tune in to hear more about why you should hop in on the trend and best practices in doing so! 

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Empowering Customers to Become Your Best Advocates

We had the chance to chat with Adi Ezer, Customer Internal Marketing Manager at UiPath, and ask her a few questions about her awesome customer advocacy program. Read the interview to see what she had to say.

Turn Your B2B Community & Product Users into Advocates in 4 Easy Steps

You want to be able to engage/communicate with specific user-personas, regarding specific needs/asks, at the customer’s convenient place and time – sounds simple enough 😜

From our experience, there are 4 core steps to turn your users into engaged customers.

10 Ways to Reimagine your Digital Customer Experience & Come out of COVID-19 Strong

 Due to the COVID-19 global crisis, B2B companies are changing their way of doing business, with a dramatic impact on their 2020 go to market / go to customer.

So how do you navigate this storm? How can companies and marketers maintain engagement, foster relationships, reduce marketing spend and influence retention?


"We were looking for a way to communicate with all of our users in a way that also builds a community and encourages engagement in one location. Crowdvocate has created an ideal environment for us to accomplish those goals while making it easy to operate and measure revenue impact, and also streamlining acknowledgement and rewarding our users for their actions.”
Maria Spanicciati
Content & Advocacy Manager