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Featured Story: Advocacy Made Easy

CosmoLex uses Crowdvocate to achieve advocacy goals, while the system streamlines all their processes and outreach.

“Crowdvocate is the most advanced customer marketing & advocacy platform out there. A game changer for small teams!

We have Influitive and struggle to get users engaged… we also have LinkedIn and Slack communities.

With Crowdvocate we 4X’d engagement and our reference pool. We now streamline reference process at half the time and gain new insights on users, cross-platform engagement. Its an end to end process managements with Salesforce and revenue reports ”

Kalina Bryant
Director of Customer Marketing

Customer Stories

In 3 months received 138 user-based videos and doubled reviews to become a category leader in G2Crowd.

4X’d engagement and reference pool. Signifyd now streamline reference process at half the time and gain new insights on user cross-platform engagement.

outreach to customers within the community members is optimized dramatically increasing referencability.

“The best thing about Crowdvocate automation is that with minimal effort, roughly 1 hour a week, we can achieve our advocacy goals, while the system streamlines all the processes and outreach for us. The Crowdvocate team is very quick to respond to any question or issue we have along the way.”

Maria Spanicciati
Content & Advocacy Manager


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"It's not easy to build a customer advocacy program at scale without a proper tool. Crowdvocate solves this problem. I love journey and score based activation."
"Crowdvocate has really helped us to streamline the way we are able to interact with our customers and get not only feedback and reviews but also an easy way to reward our customers for the valuable information they provide us."
Crowdvocate brings fresh & innovative marketing channels that deliver great results. Using Crowdvocate we succeeded to leverage the voice of our existing customers, build our credibility, & in the bottom line generate more leads & sales.

“We wanted to engage our community, tens-of-thousands of monthly visitors, leveraging that platform to add value to our customers. We aspired to increase adoption, loyalty and advocacy with this audience in a smart and interactive manner. Luckily, we found Crowdvocate to make this a reality!”

Ronen Baran
Head of Global Customer Community
& Marketing Intelligence


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