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Hubspot’s Winning Collaboration Between Customer Marketing and Customer Success

In this webinar, we’ll learn HubSpot’s unique strategy for Customer Success and their Customer First approach, embodied in programs run by CS and Customer Marketing.

Check out our webinar with Jonathan Corbin, VP of Customer Success and Global Strategy and Laurie Aquilante Faiola, Director of Customer Marketing at Hubspot, while they share insights on the roles & responsibilities that their Customer Success and Customer Marketing teams take on, and the decisions they have been making in real-time over the last few months following COVID-19.

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About our speakers:

Gal Biran

Gal is the Co-founder and CEO of Crowdvocate, and a Customer Marketing evangelist. In 19 years of B2B sales & marketing experience in global tech companies, Gal realized marketing is broken! He envisioned a new way technology can impact B2B sustainable growth, and it starts with your customer base 🙂

Laurie Aquilante Faiola

Laurie is HubSpot's Director of Customer Marketing. She has a background in tech marketing, including field marketing, internal marcom, marketing operations, and brand and graphic design. After spending time with Microsoft and at a high-tech startup, she made her way to HubSpot. In her spare time, you can find her playing with her toddler or taking a boxing class.

Jonathan Corbin

Jonathan is Hubspot's VP of Customer Success. He has a deep history in Martech and Adtech, having worked for a number of market leaders in the space, and is a former startup founder.