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Expert Zone

The Crowdvocate expert zone is your one stop shop for all things customer marketing & advocacy. Here, you will find some of our favorite resources and service providers. Take a look around and explore – we hope you find them as awesome as we do!  


Captivate Collective

strategic consultancy

Captivate Collective helps organizations accelerate growth with bold customer engagement strategies that nurture and activate customers across the entire customer journey – from acquisition to advocacy. 


Drawing on their combined 25 years of experience and well-known thought leadership in all aspects of customer advocacy, the Captivate team has a truly unique breadth and depth of practitioner and leadership expertise in developing integrated and effective customer engagement strategies, programs and campaigns. 


By designing and delivering the right content and opportunities to the right customer at the right time, Captivate helps you tap into the power of scaled customer engagement to deliver impactful marketing assets, powerful sales references, innovative product collaboration and increases in  customer retention.


  • Customer Advocacy Blueprint: Work with Captivate to discover, design and document an integrated advocacy strategy aligned to the priorities and metrics that matter most to your business.
  • Customer Engagement Milestone Campaigns: Map customer advocacy to your customer journey to bring relevant, personalized opportunities to your customers at the right time..
  • Customer Advocacy Workshops: Captivate’s custom training sessions are tailored to explore customer engagement strategies that are most beneficial to your organization and build alignment across teams.  
KMBConsulting-FINAL copy 2

KMB Consulting

Customer advocacy advisor

Kalina is an accomplished customer advocacy and marketing executive with extensive experience with SaaS software companies. Proven success in building and leading global teams, customer advocacy program development, program management, marketing events, budget management, customer and executive relationships, and customer engagement processes. Effective communicator with strong written and verbal skills, solid ability to relate to people of diverse backgrounds, and a proven capacity to interact professionally at all organizational levels. Customer-focused and highly responsive. Areas of expertise include:


  • Executive briefing center development 
  • Customer advisory board development 
  • Career coaching and mentorship 
  • Customer marketing and advocacy branding
  • Virtual & in-person customer meet-ups 
  • Strategy and development around the following: 
    • Third-party review campaign 
    • Forrester TEI Report
    • Gartner magic quadrant positioning 

Jennifer Meighan

Results-Driven B2B Customer Marketing & Advocacy Consultant

Jennifer builds & leads high growth, global B2B customer marketing/advocacy programs. Her consulting company, GKG Consulting is known for helping to build high growth B2B customer marketing/advocacy programs which empower engaged customers to influence revenue, create brand lift, and amplify customer advocacy.

Customer Journey assets such as case studies, newsletters, blog posts, AR/PR interactions, and Customer Advisory Boards are their specialties.


Customer Journey assets

  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • AR/PR interactions
  • Customer Advisory Boards
  • Customer Marketing Consultancy



Lauren Triance-Haldane

Customer Marketing & Advocacy Consultant

Lauren has spent 9+ years in customer marketing and communications, and is passionate about building authentic relationships to turn customers into brand advocates. Previously, as Director, Customer Marketing & Advocacy at PathFactory, she built the advocacy and customer marketing program from the ground up, achieving 11X growth of the advocate base and influencing ~$3M in revenue. Now, as an independent consultant, Lauren is keen to help companies build scalable programs that are linked directly to business outcomes like revenue and retention.  


  • Advocacy program framework: Templates & processes

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Customer marketing campaigns & events

  • Program measurement & KPIs

  • Writing: Case studies, guides, blogs

Referential, Inc.

Inciting Advocacy

Referential, Inc. is a US corporation established in 2012, but our experience in the advocacy and reference sector spans more than two decades. The company was originally created as a partnership in 1994, and has always specialized in delivering innovative, high-quality advocacy-related services.

Today, Referential boasts a talented group of seasoned professionals – all of which are CCAP I and higher credentialed professionals – with experiences that span a diverse range of disciplines. We’re headquartered in San Jose, California, and have both a multi-national presence and in-house multi-lingual capabilities.


  • Program Setup
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • Data Management

EC Customer Marketing

The Customer Whisperers

With over 25 years experience in fast-moving, sales driven technology environments at the global level, EC Customer Marketing delivers. Our B2B customer facing expertise with C-level executives, senior management, and technical decision makers help move your relationships forward. We manage programs, people, and budgets to deliver highly effective customer advocacy and produce compelling content that tells your customers’ stories in your organization’s voice.



  • Custom Programs at Any Stage: Program design and review, ROI analysis and reporting, Stakeholder Enablement, Upskilling and Best Practices
  • Advocacy: Customer Strategy, Advisory Boards, ABM, Recognition & Rewards
  • Storytelling: Content Strategy, Expert Interviewing, Innovative Writing & Content Production
  • Referencing: Recruitment & Pipeline Management, Fulfilment, Sales Enablement, Vendor Selection & Implementation

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