The Crowdvocate Difference

Reach your customers wherever they are in their journey. Streamline engagement, generate customer insights, capture VoC, and scale advocacy on your terms with our dedicated AI-driven customer marketing platform. Find out why businesses choose Crowdvocate over Influitive™.

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What can I do with Crowdvocate's customer marketing & advocacy platform that I can't achieve with Influitive™?

Here are four ideas, just to get you started


1. Track and engage your customers journey

Reach your customers where they are, whether that’s in-app/product, your community, training portal, or any digital touchpoint across their lifecycle journey. Add user/account insight while doing so!

Influitive™ requires your customers to login to a dedicated AdvocateHub portal, dramatically reducing engagement to active hub users only. Additionally, engagement isn’t journey contextual, and doesn’t add user/account insights.

2. Hyper-personalization

Use targeted ASKs that are personalized (automatically) to each individual userLeverage account, activity and behavioral data to reach and activate your entire customer-base, with the most relevant message to each user in the best touchpoint and time.

Influitive™ works on the basis of “fans”. On average less than 5% of customers classify themselves as fans, and less than 1% are active on the portal. Yikes.

PS – that 1% are mainly junior roles, with a “pay per play” engagement 🙁

3. Low investment, high returns  

From closed-loop reference automation, through demand-generation streamlining via our ReferenceBot, to triggers and advocacy generation. Advocacy managers can leverage automation to manage the program and get results with less than 2 hours per week.

Influitive requires a full-time employee for ongoing manual fan community management, content creation and promotion at every stage.

Spend your time on outcomes and customer relationships, not community maintenance and admin.

4. Full reference automation and ROI measurement

Crowdvocate integrates with your CRM, enabling you to nominate references, update advocacy and reference data in the CRM, and match best references to opportunities. It’s the only closed-loop reference platform, replacing several tools to manage the reference process end-to-end 😉.

See advocacy influence on closed-won deals in a designated dashboard to show direct ROI from advocacy and share with management.

Influitive doesn’t support reference automation. References come from the same old fan pool, data isn’t sortable by sales teams in Salesforce, and there’s no match of advocacy to opportunities.


How Does Crowdvocate Compare to Influitive?

Keep in mind: While Influitive lets you start a customer community from scratch, Crowdvocate lets you start where you are, leveraging your existing assets, and grow to a full-blown Customer Marketing program. Spend 2 hours a week on Crowdvocate to operate your entire customer marketing program, letting AI and automation to take care of the rest, or spend them on your Influitive community. 

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Page last updated on 09/10/2020