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Crowdvocate is connected to the most powerful tools you use every day.


Crowdvocate integrates with the most popular CRM systems in the world. Within just a few clicks, your sales representatives can find the right referrals and send them to their new prospects. The customer success and support team can easily nominate customers to write a lovely customer story, quotes, and review. With those integrations, you allow measuring your customer marketing campaigns ROI, and effectiveness.

Marketing automation platform

Combine your marketing efforts and workflows with Crowdvocate. Based on the data you collect from your other marketing channels, our machine learning algorithms (ML) take this data and translate it into actions.

In-app messaging and live chat software

The In-app messaging and chat software integration allows you to embed Crowdvocate capabilities inside your in-app messaging and live chat software. In that way, you can target users based on what they did with your application, represent relevant content to the right user at the right time and increase your engagement rate.

Rewards and gifts

Customers love rewards and gifts, for this matter, we integrate with the most popular rewards and gifts providers in order to allow you to choose from thousands of gift cards and rewards, manage it in one place and appropriate your rewards to your customer’s needs.

Product reviews websites

Using Crowdvocate automatic review campaigns, you increase your number of reviews, average review score, and will ensure that just the satisfied customer review will appear in the most popular reviews website and all the other will forward automatically to your customer success team.