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Lifecycle Engagement

A centralized framework of engagement across the user lifecycle providing a cohesive customer experience!

Engage customer accounts and individual users across multiple touchpoints within their lifecycle, to create an ongoing conversation and frictionless engagement, leveraging insight for contextually personalized communications along each user journey. 

Meet your customers where they are

Post sale, your customers start a new journey! They now visit new platforms, such as your product dashboard, support forum, community, blog, or training portal, and each user creates an individual journey and engagement pattern that provides key insights. 

Trigger, context, and journey based

Make engagement contextual to the user post-sale journey.

Crowdvocate customers see on average over 60% ASK compilation. That’s +60% of the users engaging system-generated requests fully completing an ASK, such as providing a quote or joining the reference pool. Awesome conversion 🙂

Omnichannel and actionable