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Reference Automation
& Reference Bot

The most advanced reference automation platform for increasing wins!

Create a holistic reference automation process from nominations / customer opt-in, through best match per opportunity recommendation, to tracking and optimization.

Dramatically scale the reference & evidence pool

Create a large and diversified pool of references, while minimizing administration.

Reference searchability and auto-match

Empower sales to quickly find and serve the best reference & evidence per opportunity, close deals faster, save time, and grow sales!

Full-cycle reference automation and ROI at minimal administration

Dramatically reduce reference administration with dynamic process automation and tracking.  

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On average, Crowdvocate customers grow their reference pool and social proof collateral 3X in just 4 months.

Reference & social proof ROI

Reference Bot

Crowdvocate streamlines an up-to-date customer evidence database, providing use-case specific references to prospects in a chatbot. Qualify leads, capitalize on customer advocacy, prove ROI.

Influence the buyer journey