The Crowdvocate Difference

Say goodbye to old school reference automation. Crowdvocate enables you to automatically identify and add advocates to your CRM, auto-match references to opportunities, automate the process inside and beyond Salesforce, track revenue influence, and so much more.

It’s easy to see why companies choose Crowdvocate over ReferenceEdge

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What can I do with Crowdvocate’s reference automation platform that I can’t achieve with ReferenceEdge™?

Well, here are five ideas, just to start


1. Auto-identify references

Using AI, auto-identify advocates and references, engage them and seamlessly add users to the reference pool. 

Leverage Crowdvocate’s unique journey-based outreach, to contextually engage users and companies, capture their story/social proof, and add users to the reference pool.

With ReferenceEdge™, you’re fully dependent on:

A. Sales or CSM nomination and collaboration

B. Email outreach and response 

C. Calling prospect advocates manually

Eventually, you’ll spend half your time on administration, operations and chasing team and customer responses.

2. Create a growing repository

Filled with customer evidence, updated continually in real-time, and automatically creating new social proof. This up-to-date and growing database ensures references are current and relevant, and frequently updated with new content and references. The process is streamlined – consent, brief, follow-up, interview, legal – every step in your process – Crowdvocate will streamline.

Crowdvocate will push final content to Salesforce and can also connect the content generated to a sales enablement tool such as Seismic, Highspot, and PathFactory. 

If you rely on ReferenceEdge™, you’re left to manually upload and organize your evidence while constantly tracking and validating references – Got time for that? 

3. Manage advocacy at scale

Advocacy is a lifecycle multi-action play. Customers expect one  program for all their activities, a reward framework, and ability to choose what they opt-in to and when. 

Include referrals, review sites, customer feedback, thought leadership, and more. Manage advocacy & references in a centralized program and platform. Leverage product and advocacy data/triggers, build advocacy scores in your CRM, and automate workflows end to end.

Reference managers can manage the process with less than 1 hour per week of hands-on work. Booyah. 👊

ReferenceEdge™ is a not an advocacy and loyalty platform. It has Salesforce automation and reporting features for references. The rest? You’ll need to patch in a few more tools to streamline a holistic program, and give your customers a true experience.

4. Go beyond Salesforce

Automatically match references to opportunities and sales-process stage, to help sales expedite deals. Then auto-track usage and deal influence to improve your content effectiveness. 

Manage activities both inside and outside of Salesforce in a user-friendly console. 

Leverage ReferenceBot for closed-loop reference automation on your website. Provide prospects a customized search of social proof for zero-touch lead generation.  

ReferenceEdge™ is a Salesforce-only platform, with limited workflow and lots of customization needed. Connecting more interfaces, user engagement and programs isn’t it’s strength. 


5. Revenue influence and ROI

Track every references and social proof utilization to analyze its impact on the sales cycle. Measure actual pipeline and revenue influence from references in a live dashboard and share it with management. Save cost on added Salesforce licensing and tool licensing.

ReferenceEdge™ doesn’t measure all acts of advocacy and their influence on sales. It requires manual updates to track reference completion, and may also increase Salesforce licensing.

6. Use gamification to incentivize customers

Crowdvocate’s customer portal and loyalty program offers an extensive customer hub with an ASK feed, discussion forums, customer rewards automation, leader boards & gamification and direct networking. 

You can set a reward framework that works best for your loyalty program and provide gift cards, swag, and discounts in exchange for acts of advocacy from your customers. Badges and the ability to level up will also incentivize customers to be advocates. 

ReferenceEdge™ has no form of gamification or customer portal. Incentivizing customers to help with acts of advocacy is much more difficult.

Result Driven

"We had 29 customers join the reference pool and over 20 social-proof content pieces , all in less than 3 months, whopping results thanks to Crowdvocate. We also ran a referral program and reviews and have seen amazing results in our advocacy campaigns."
Joshua Goldberg
Marketing Director

How Does Crowdvocate Compare to ReferenceEdge™?

In fact, you can operate the whole reference program in 2 hours per week, 

handing over the rest to automation. 

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