What’s a ReferenceBot?

Crowdvocate streamlines an up-to-date customer evidence database, providing use-case specific references to prospects in a chatbot.
Qualify leads, capitalize on customer advocacy, prove ROI.

Buyer Journey

When prospects look-up evidence in your “resource” page the ReferenceBot will offer a customized search of social proof.
1. Give customers relevant reference by industry, country, size and use-case
2. Capture leads while tracking their segmentation and evidence intake.

Measure results

Make sure customer advocacy is best utilized in sales process and self prospecting via automation and asset measurements. Then tie prospect first touch via ReferenceBot to the filan deal / revenue attribution and ROI.

What's a ReferenceBot?
Interactive & Responsive

Customers can engage the Bot for evidence by query to find and consume use-case specific evidence

Lifecycle Evidence

Testimonials, videos, customer story, user-generated evidence, reviews, reference call, etc. Give buyers evidence options for their stage in the journey

Real-time Database

Crowdvocate constantly populates and segments the evidence database making sure all evidence types are current and relevant

Easy Customization

ReferenceBot is a chat-bot. It can be customized for specific buyer query, qualification and evidence response

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