What’s a ReferenceBot?

Crowdvocate facilitates your up-to-date customer evidence database, and helps you capitalize on customer advocacy.

Buyer Journey

Once prospects hit your “resource” page the ReferenceBot will offer a customized search of social proof, and capture leads.

Create results

Make sure customer advocacy is best utilized in sales process via automation and asset measurements.

What's a ReferenceBot?

Real Time Customer Evidence

Harness the power of conversational bots to engage leads visiting your website / reference page. Utilize our real time reference locator for segmented lead capture

Impact sales in 3 ways you probably didn’t consider

One of the classic questions I get is “how do I measure and show results from customer advocacy”?, some even add “and quick results” to the query 🚀. Although customer advocacy should be viewed as a growth strategy, it can be fine tuned to show results early on.

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What does marketing have to do with customer success?

“Why should my Customer Success (CS) team think marketing?” is a question I often hear from CS leaders. My short answer is that CS must evolve with the customer experience, and the experience is more digital and personal than ever before.

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